Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chef Crush

Do you have a Chef crush?
I do.
Who? you ask.

Feast your eyes on:
That's right.
Bobby Flay.

OMG! I love him.
He is just so darn lovable.
He has a good personality & even when he's trying to "throwdown" & be tough on his shows, he comes off likable.

Plus he's a fabu chef.
Bobster took me to his steakhouse last year for my bday.
Delish! I tell ya, delish!
If you are ever in AC, check it will not disappoint.

Tell me, who are you crushing on?



Oh yeah, Mr. Flay is one hunk-a-chefy-man-flesh. Agreed. I also have a wee little crush on the goofy Diners Drive-ins and Dives guy (Guy Fieri?)but he's not a chef (at least not on that show) just an eater. I want to hug him! Ok, I'm done.