Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stream of Conciousness

Do you know who wrote an entire book in the stream of conciousness form?
James Joyce.
It's like Irish torture really.
I should know.
1. I'm Irish.
2. I was an English major & it was required reading.

Take a gander below:
Like it?
The Cheekers & I made it.
A million foam blocks glued to a Legg's Egg half.
Remember Legg's when they came in Eggs?
Do you eat Green Eggs & Ham?
Sam I am.
I crack myself up sometimes but that is what you get with stream of conciousness. Just mutterings.
Hence the title of the blog.
It's a frog.
We made a frog.
Cute no?

Wanna know what's not cute?
One almost 4 yo & one 4.5yo who decided to take the cardboard fish from a counting game & put the fish where they belong.
In water.
The water that is in my toilet.
My toilet, to no avail, will not become unclogged.
I think there is a fish stuck down in the pipes.
Ah, good times.

This is also the child who called Burger King, King Burger.
Convinced me to go there Saturday.
I loathe BK.
Not only does the food suck but it is so poorly run & they hire the inept.
This could be a bias from the job that I do but really have the employees fill out applications before you put them behind the counter.


What's on your mind tonight?



Shop vac for the toilet my dear. Tried and true, got FIVE plastic balls out of my toilet once. Pour some dish washing liquid in the toilet to lubricate and the suck the fish out. WARNING, it WILL suck lots of other stuff too, so hold your nose.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

LOL It's only a matter of time before our cardboard fish make it to the toilet.... Yikes!!