Thursday, July 13, 2006

Christmas In July

Here is a sneaky peeky of a layout I did for the newsletter for It's the Aftermath one. The Christmas Joy one is actually for a challenge that was issued at & & fit in with the theme at Untamed. I killed like 3 birds with one stone on that layout. Anyway the first one is just all the wrapping leftover from Christmas morning. The other one, well shield your eyes, I know I am not pretty when in the morning. Hee hee. You know what? I don't care! I scrap everything. That's how my family sees me, so why not show the blogging world!

Non scrap related....this staying home thing is working out. I am back to watching Days of Our Lives & I must say that they brought back Steve & Kayla. Oh yea, I am happy as a pig in poop. The last time anyone saw Steve, he was dead. Really , tho., is anyone ever dead on soaps. The last scene you saw was his coffin being switched out with another one. Dun, dun, dun! Yes, you have figured it out. He has amnesia & doesn't remember anything, other than waking up in a bar with a name, different of course, & no memory of his previous life. Alas, his wife Kayla is trying to help him remember & thinks that Stefano DiMeara is behind his memory loss. Now that should be interesting if they try to bring Stefano back b/c the actor that plays him & should be the only one to play him, died. O well. For the next 10 weeks or so....I will be watching this. Then I am going to have to start to tape it!

Consesus is saying that I am going to go early. I've dropped. I thought I dropped the other day but Bobby said no. Two days later, he's like "Oh dropped!" He gives me three weeks. My mom says I am going early as well. Guess I should pack a bag & get the diaper bag ready. I guess they are really going to send me home from the hospital with a baby! Um, don't they know I can't even maintain a silk plant? So anyone who wants to come by & help, feel free!

Woops out!



Great lo's Meghan! Oh.. we will see a baby soon!

Awesome Abby

Love the layouts. I"ll be glad to come and help you out...but you won't need it. God gives moms this thing....the thing that enables them to know what to do when they think they WON"T know what to do. You'll be JUST FINE. :)


Woo you're getting close!

I didn't know the actor who played Stefano died! Sad, I sure loved to hate him for so many years!


OK girl. You can hope to God you go early, but let me say with Joey I dropped in week 35 and still went right over into week don't get your hopes too high. Sorry to burst your bubble! LOL. You are staying home? Are you going to be a SAHM? I'm still working!!