Friday, July 28, 2006

Baby Update

Ok, got a call last night. I have to go c-section b/c he is such a big boy.

This morning I got another call to let me know they have scheduled me for Aug 16th. This is my Schmeggy's birthday, so Ethan will be sharing his birthday with his "Aunt Meg". That is if I don't go into labor prior. Everyone thinks I will go earlier.

Last night he was right up against my right side. The bugger didn't move all night so it made laying down impossible. Not mention my pelvic region feels as if a cinderblock is lying on it! Oiy've!

So I guess in reality, it's any day now for him to make his grand arrival.

Woops, out!



OK Meghan this is getting spooky. Aug. 16th is my mom's birthday (and a cousin too but that's not really relevant). And you already know about our birthdays and my Ethan!!!!!


WooHoo!! August 16th! A Leo Male!

Here's what Susan Miller says about Leo men:

The Leo male is essentially a happy individual...warm-hearted, devil-may-care and something of a show-off on occasion. He is also possessed of drive, ambition and lion-hearted courage. Given the chance, he will play the role of sweetheart for ever, making sure that his life revolves around the partner of choice...although this may not stop his twinkling eye from roving just a little from time-to-time. Regardless, this is basically a loyal and faithful man...two traits which are very important to any male who falls under the jurisdiction of this Zodiac Sign. However, his is inclined to bring his beloved roses on a wet Tuesday (for no other reason than to brighten her day) and then totally forget her birthday the following week. This man likes his mate to be admired and noticed by other men and loves to take her out and about where she can be seen. If the Leo male happens to be wealthy, then he can be something of a playboy and on occasion, all Leo men appear to take nothing seriously, which can be a source of irritation to those around them. Nonetheless, this man is blessed with a considerable amount of charisma, always appears assured and assertive and adores doing things in style.
On a more negative note, the male ruled by Leo can be a hypocrite and the inherently superb strength can lead to a bullying bursting with bravado, puffed up with pomposity and prone to treat others as pawns. If this man gets his own way often enough and tends to be somewhat negative to begin with, he can turn into a true tyrant or despot who will constantly abuse his power...not in a psychological or argumentative fashion, but in a very grand and haughty way. The Leo man wants permanence in all the primary aspects of his life...a fixity which may also lend a degree of stubborness to his nature. This male is unlikely to give way easily on things because it is not in his nature to do so. However, an ounce of flattery may well go a very long way with the man who falls under the jurisdication of this Sign. Males governed by Leo insist on personal freedom and are constantly eager to lead others in thought and action. However, these men are urgent rather than aggressive...conservative rather than radical. By nature, they are extremely independent and often resent being commanded. The business instinct here is keen and, despite the fact that the judgment of Leo men in important matters is frequently too hasty, they do appear to be inherently better fitted to rule than be ruled. The placing of responsibility upon the shoulders of the Leo male will cause him to show real worth and executive ability. Indeed, he likes to be the "breadwinner" of the family.

When it comes to the choice of a partner, The Leo male is attracted to a woman he can be proud to be seen who makes him look good and wins admiring glances which will reflect favorably upon him. A woman who emits an air of the dramtic or who appears regal and aloof is particularly appealing and this male may well select a mate based more upon good looks or popularity than for true compatibility on all levels. In short, this male desires a woman who is glamorous but who is also worthy of admiration and respect. Of course, it will expected that such admiration and respect be returned. Men who fall under the jurisdiction of Leo also expect loyalty and need to feel appreciated. Above all else, however, the Leo man needs to be noticed. Feeling ignored or unappreciated will make this male feel insecure...thus, he can be rather easily enticed by a female who flatters him with praise and/or rapt attention. Women who are of the "bossy" type tend to hold great appeal for the Leo male...passion and drama are also added bonuses. The male ruled by Leo is passionate and insistent. As a husband, he will never give his wife a dull moment and as a father, he likes to play games with his children and they mean a lot to him. However, when they go too far, he will emit his infamous roar, send them off to bed...and then blame his partner for the lack of discipline. Nonetheless, females tend to find the Leo man a lovable if maddening character. Although somewhat ambitious and self-centered, the male Leo is certainly no egotist and delights in sharing what riches he may have with his loved ones.

Leo individuals, regardless of gender, are far better fitted for mental labor rather than manual labor. Males who fall under the jurisdiction of Leo will be fond of grandeur and power. They aspire to lofty positions in life and make fine lawyers, judges and commanders. They also excel as bankers, brokers and manufacturers, as well as cooks, caterers, confectioners and house or floral decorators. These men are natural philanthropists and delight in working for the advancement and uplift of humanity. With proper training, Leo subjects (regardless of gender) can become the most skillful and efficient individuals in the world within the field of medicine.