Thursday, July 27, 2006

35 weeks

Ok, not so bad. 35 weeks I am. That's the baby's profile & hand above. He likes to sleep very dramatically!

Anyway even tho. I am 35 weeks, I measure 39 weeks. I only gained 1/2lb this time. 24.5 lbs total....not too bad!

On another note, I had my u/s to measure to see an estimate of how big Ethan is as of today. Are you all sitting down????!!!!!????? He measures 9lbs 14oz! HELLO! I have 4 weeks to go. I will be giving birth to a toddler! The u/s tech said they will review my photos & talk to me next week. She said they do not induce before 37 weeks.

Now he is in position & my cervix is soft. The nurse practitioner said he is very low but I am not dialated. I guess he could come on his on at any minute. Guess I should do more of his wash. :>)

I have a feeling he is going to come the week I am supposed to move. Gots to get to packing!

Woops out!



Oh my you are getting close - and he is getting BIG! Great job on keeping your weight gain low! I hope he doesn't get too much bigger.....remember epidurals are ok! LOLOL Take it easy!!!!!


Epidurals are not just OK, they're essential!

Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan, It's about time you wrote something, I've been waiting for some news on how your doing! It's great that you've only gained 24lbs, I gained 50 with Jon! And it sounds like you'll probably go early, just remember to have me on speed dial when Ethan gets here, can't wait to met my great nephew!

Anyway take care and try to take it easy,
Love ya,

the nana

my grandson is beautiful like his mommy. he's a big boy alright. now for you ladies that like the wasnt an option for me when i had my meghan and erin. they weighed 9.4 and 9.10 each. no drugs nothing.. i just popped them out...but i will tell you i begged everyone to hit me with a


Ok - we need to see photos of you! Where are they?!! Just a FYI - I've heard from a TON of mom's that they have had an ultrasound to have the baby measured, they measured super big and then they were induced, only to have a child a pound or more less than the ultrasound showed. I can't believe you have only gained 24 lbs!! I've gained like 60 already! Augh!!


Oh what a beautiful healthy boy Ethan is going to be!! I'm so excited for you Meghan!! Just take it easy till then and let the Bobster wait on you!!