Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok check those babies out. My God! Look at the cheeks. Altho. look at the cheeks on my Grandpop....CHUBS! All of them. Check out those twins. My dad & Uncle Lester. HOLY BALONEY....they were fat!
Is my little Ethan destined to have those cheeks???? Will he have roly poly arms with dimples in them? On could hope. Man, do I love chubs!

Now I must profusely apologize to my Aunt Darlene. I have to mention her so I have also posted a pic of her & my stylish mom back in the day. The pic was taken in the 60's. Before kids for both. Now what is my aunt doing.....she is a truck drivin mama! That's right big ole cab, long trailer & naked girly mudflaps! So if you see her on the road, watch out! I love my Aunt Darlene...she bought me Chinese shoes when my mom said no! Now that's an Aunt for ya.

On a side note, let me just say, since this is my blog, I can blog about what I want, so I will just say that the dry spell is over, the river has opened! Yes, cryptic but think hard & you will get it ;>)



Ooh a little cryptic but I have suspicions! And I love chubby cheeks on babies; I'm sure that he will be so active that he will lose them as he gets older - if he gets them!


i loved that hat........and by the way i was pregnant with you in that picture but didnt know it yet. it was the dark ages and i had to wait to see the dr. there were no preggie tests then...the rabbit died


LMBO you crack me up! I can't wait to see the baby!!!! You better update right after he is born!

Awesome Abby

That pic with the pig is priceless! My B. Nana would fit right in, no?

Can't wait to see Mr. E...I hope his cheeks match anna's! :)