Friday, July 14, 2006

#67 & Pre-Registered

Ah, I was challenged to do the scraplift challenge at so I said OK. Well while we had the girls today, they took a nap, yea! & I scrapped. For some reason tho. my scanner cuts off the bottom of the layout so you can't see the doodles. The circles in the middle of the circle spell "MILLER." My mom's last name. So yes, that is the Nana & her hubby. I went very freestylin with this layout. I don't know if I truely like it or not but it's a good photo of them. Plus it's #67 for the year & my goal was 60. I put all my stuff away tho. Got tired of looking at it. I have to go through it again & again & put stuff in a bag for freecycle. Less to move.

I pre-registered last night at like 1am for the hospital. That's done, so now when I go in with labor pains they will just confirm with me, instead of asking me to fill it all out. Nice service Virtua Health Voorhess provides!

Not feeling to great today. Upsetting day. My whole body hurts, especially the pelvic region. OUCH! I get tired just sitting up but lying down is uncomfy too. Well no more complaining from me. I will just keep it to myself & go about my business. For now anyway!~

Waiting for my 2 best friends to pick me up. They are taking me to On the Border for my birthday, which is Sunday. Send presents! Hee hee.

Must run, I think the baby just kicked my bladder so hard it fell out!



Great lo Meghan! Love the embellishments and that is a good picture. Have fun tonight!


Hey - I just tagged you to answer questions - see my blog!

hang in there with the discomfort!!!

Awesome Abby

LOVE this layout! :)


LMBO about the kicked bladder. I hear you on that! Oh and my pelvic pain went away for weeks until like yesterday! Augh!! That darn kid! :) Great page.