Wednesday, July 05, 2006


See that up there...that is a sundae. Now the sundae that I make looks nothing like that BUT I put my heart & soul into it. I keep ice cream in the house now along with magic shell (gots to have the shell!), whipped cream, which is requested & I lovingly buy weekly although I am happy with coolwhip & even started to keep marachino cherries in the house.

About 3x's a week I will ask my beloved, "Honey I am going to make sundae, would you like one?" "Oh you are?" all wide eyed & innocent he asks "Sure would you make me one?" So I skip to the kitchen with the bunnies & mice following me, while butterflies fly around my head & I make my sundae & his. I make good sundaes too. Just the right amount of magic shell.

Now imagine my surprise when about 10 minutes ago, Honeypie leaves the room. So I yell, can you get me some kool aid. Oh no honey we are out of kool aid. Apparantly the recipe for Kool Aid was lost in the great firework capades that must have occured over the weekend. So I lovingly replied "That's ok, can you bring me some water".

Here is where the night goes bad. He comes in & hands me my water. What a sweetheart correct? NOPE! He then says to me "Honey could you turn that light on?" Now this is questionable b/c Stevie Wonder watches tv in the dark, so I say "Sure", as I turn it on I turn to look at him & do you know what he is doing......??????!!!!!!????

The RAT BASTARD is eating a SUNDAE!!!!!! YES A FREAKIN SUNDAE!!! Apparantly it is too difficult to ask his pregnant, swollen, will do anything for him, makes him a sundae at the drop of a hat, BABY'S MAMA (b/c we all know how I love that term!) if I would like a sundae. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He just sat there & sucked it up! Smacked those lips like it was his last supper. While I sat here, drinking my warm water since honeypie never put any ice in it! So there you have it. He even was laying in bed, sucking down the ice cream sundae laying on my pillows. RAT BASTARD I TELL YOU!

This is my life!

Woops out!


Awesome Abby

It'd be a cold day you-know-where before I made him anything else. Ever.

the nana

i can totally relate. it must be the name cause on sun MY bobby made himself eggs and toast. he knew full well it was the last of the eggs (4 of em) and the last 2 pieces of bread. it was mid morning and i had taken my insulin and needed to eat. i showed him....i got all shakey and sweaty from low blood sugar so i was forced to eat the cookies i had for his lunch. take it with a grain honey, you've only just begun. love karen carpenter


I'd so hold out on him! How dare he make a sundae and not just make you one. Forget asking ... that's like asking a dying man if he wants some water. HELLO!


How dare he!!! I would definitely not be offering him another niceties whatsoever! MEN!


I think he would've been wearing that sundae if I'd been there!


Message to Bobster...........dude, you do not wanna do that to a pregnant woman!

They just don't think sometimes...... :)