Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am home now. Wasn't supposed to go out til July 28th but my ob/gyn took pity on me last night & wrote me out. Adema & depression. She even gave me a script for Zoloft. Not sure if I will take it. I am not getting paid b/c the state will not recognize those two reasons as good enough to be out of work but I am home now, so I can pack & take it at my own pace. Which is similar to a snails, except slower.

In this state you get 4 weeks before & 6 weeks after. Now, of course, my paperwork hasn't even been sent to the state yet & with the state being shut down for a week, well we all know the word 'BACKLOG'. Yes, yes, must love living in NJ.



Take it easy mommy-to-be.......this is time to catch up on reading your pregnancy and new baby books, and any fun books! Hope you will be able to get paid for some of this time beforehand!

Awesome Abby

I'm glad that they let you off the hook. How'd it go at work telling them? I hope it's all OK. And that you get paid, and soon. I can sure sympathize with you in that area!

Little E will be here before you know it...relax and take it easy!


Wow 4 weeks before - how cool. We get no maternity before unless it's a medical leave of absence.