Tuesday, October 23, 2007

200th post & a funny

So, Cheeks what movie will it be? Elf? A Clint Eastwood Western? Wait! You want to do Yoga?
That is my son's favorite past time. Removing all of our dvd's from the basket that I keep them in under that there table. This keeps him busy for like 60 mins. And as a plus, I have discovered tons of dvd's I forgot we owned. BAAHAAAHAA.
So this, my loyal readers, is my 200th post!
Think I can get 200 comments???
Well I think that out of all my comments for this post I will send a RAK to that person!!
So come out of lurkdome & post.
Even if you are related me, read & don't comment, comment anyway & I will send you something fun! Or I will just drop Cheekers off for a short visit! See, that is a win/win situation.
Onto my funny.
Every morning & night I brush Cheeks teeth.
We sing a little song to the tune of Shake Your Booty...we sing Brush Your Teeth. Then I add "We've got to brush out teeth or they will smell like feet!" Oh yea, it's rap version. I hear Dr. Dre & Russell Simmons are battling it out to see who get's to sign me to their label. Of course, for those close to me, I will only sign if Jay-Z asks me.
What could my rap name be? Hmm.....
That's not the funny. Here is the funny.
After I am done brushing Cheeks teeth, he looks in the mirror,smiles & blows himself a kiss. With sound effects & all.
It's hysterical.
This has been going on for like a week.
I think his theme song will be "You're so vain!"
All that's missing is a wink & him saying "Goodnight Ladies & Gent's. I'm here all week. Try the veal!"
On that note, Days of Our Lives is on & since I can't find a job & someone is taking a nap I think I will indulge in the tragedy known as the Brady's v. Stefano DiMerra!
Woops out!


Tara O

HOw bring us unsurmountable joy don't they????

So the Stefano and Brady thing is STILL going on????? Isn't Dimerra DEAD yet...isn't he like a thousand years old??????

Kathy Carr

Can't wait to see the layout for this photos! And you need to take a teeth brushing photo!!! Good luck with the job hunt.


I have a few pictures of Eric in the middle of messes like that...can't wait to scrap them!

Really hope you find a job soon, I couldn't imagine being out of work. Wish I could offer you a position here at my company, but you would be hysterical over the pay!


He is adorable. This is Trish from simple scrapbook list.

Lissa Ballard

Oh my gosh is that not hilarious and adorable!! You should get that on tape and send it to America's Funniest Home Videos! Besides that, it's great fodder for the new fiance when the time comes.

Keeping prayers and crossing my fingers for the job hunt sugar!

Queen Julian XIII

BWAHAHAHA!!! Isaac used to throw all our videos onto the floor- drove ebe nuts! I said he's a kid, this is fun stuff!!!

Ok, when will you drop Cheekers off for me to watch??? :D


Wow! 200 posts and good luck on 200 comments. Hopefully other people like me who lurk around and just read without commenting often will pop on and say hello.


Love the photo. Can't wait to see the lo. How funny ojn the teeth brushing. I see a lo of that coming. lol


LOL! Too cute!

I wish I had remembered to keep track of my posts... I have over 3000 on LJ now!


oh you only wish I was a lurker... you can drop that babe off up here any old time. .not like NJ is *that* far away. (ok, so maybe it is... but still!!) Continued good thoughts about the job thing. Oh,wait.. I know!! Come do my job for a week .. or how about a month.. and I'll come down and hang out with little man!!


OMG that is tooo cute!!! You need to take video of that!!!
As for the dvd's *L* my DD used to do that..with my books. I think she must have pulled them off of the bookshelf daily *L* and now that I think about it...she had to have been about Cheekers age.
Too bad I'm not closer...I would take Cheekers as a prize for a day! *L* *wink*


Hey girlie!!! TAG you're it!!!!!


HE is just to stinking cute.. So what did you end out wathcing.. Congrats on post number 200


OMG, Meghen you AND your son are just too too cute! Loving some of those movies I see in that pic.

OMG to Tara. I agree. I thought he was long dead!

200 posts huh? That all? lol

Do you really think there are lurkers out there? I'd love to say something to make them all come out!

Love seeing that cute little boy!



Oh my goodness.... you are just to funny Megs..... Happy 200th!