Sunday, October 21, 2007

Are you talkin to me?

Let me introduce Mr. Broadshoulders Crankypants.
Yes, yes, my little one is sick.
Just a cold but the cough sounds as if it is coming from his toes.
Poor kid.
He's upstairs, taking his 2nd napper of the day.
Running a fever, runny nose, hacky cough & just plain miserable.
Good times!
Good times!

Bobster is still away. In the past 10 weeks he was home for what I think amounts to a week. I'm not sure. It's taking it's tole on him. He wants a day off (can't blame him) & he want's to relax with his family (can't blame him again) & he really misses the boys. I think he is going to try to come home this weekend & hopefully we can get the boys.
Timmy will be 14 the end of the month! Holy Moly!
I want to do a cake for him & have the fam over.
We also have the Gingerbread Haunted House to make with the kids. Well, Cheeks will eat it, Tim will ignore it, Chris will decorate it, Bob will construct it & I will scrapbook it.
Perfect family gathering.

Still looking for a job.
There is nothing out there.
Let me rephrase that.
Nothing out there that will pay me what I am worth.
20 years experience and a BA doesn't warrant what they are offering
when my unemployment runs out & I still don't have anything, I will take that low paying job.
What really gets my goat is there is an ad for Stonhard.
They are paying up to $38K for the position I was let go from.
Um, hello? I wasn't making that & I know my friends weren't either.
O well.
That's the only thing I can say bad about the place.
That's a lie.
There's Heather.
Yes, no more fictitious names for the bitch.
It's Heather.
I hope she grows a fungus in a dark place!

On that note.......woops out!



Still keeping my fingers crossed you find a job soon Meghan..

Hugs to Cheeks.. feel better soon baby..


Hope Ethan feels better soon and hope that you get a job soon.


ummmmm hehehe about the Heather comment! I have worked with people I felt that way about.
Good luck with the job search ((hug))