Sunday, October 28, 2007

Glimpses of a Busy Weekend........

Last night, we decided to build a Haunted Gingerbread House.
All was going well....

Apparantly, I have to look into a lawsuit to Wilson for selling us blueprints that were not for a sturdy house. The mortar provided with the uneven walls are very dangerous for the inhabitants. Needless to say this is how the house ended up!

Friday night, Cheekers was walking & of course fell.
No biggie.
Shake it off.
Um, yea.
No shake.
Fell & split his lip open. Look closely, you can see it's a bit swollen.
Finally he left a hat on his head.
And those eyes, well this picture in NOT photoshopped!
Does he not have blue eyes or what????

Tonight was his big brother's, Tim (who r/q'd to go by Tim, no more Timmy b/c he is 14), birthday celebration (it's tomorrow). So Cheeks, hearing it was a PAR-TAH, decided to get out his best club gear & head on into the high chair for his festivities!!!
Guess you could tell what a daughter would have looked like if we had had one. LOL

Finally, Mr. Tim, Mr. 14, Mr. Birthday Boy.
Happy Birthday Tim(my)! Love you!!!!!!

And, Woops out~!



Aww... Poor baby. Love his pink hair. lol You do have some handsome boys there. lol Had to laugh at you suing the Wilson company.

Tara O

Yes those eyes are definitely a gorgeous shade of blue. You should have another could send him or her to me....

The Christmas gingerbread house itsn't any better. Let me recommend graham crackers, Pilsbury frosting, and various candies of your own choosing...LOL

Happy birthday Tim!


hehehe Loving that pink hair!!! Poor guy...I see the little boo boo on his lip, and wow yeah those are blue eyes! I see his mama in him more and more all the time! He is such a little doll!!!! Def gonna be a heartbreaker!
Love that house...before it fell! Happy Birthday Tim!!


Cute cute house :) poor little fellow's lip, it is inevitable but oh so disturbing when they fall! LOVE his eyes, so big and blue! Beauties :)

Happy Birthday Tim!


Those eyes are heavenly... Poor baby about the lip though.. Indi used to be covered in cuts and bruises when she learnt to walk..

Happy Birthday Tim.. Sorry about the House it looked YummY though.. I wish Indi would wear dress up as well as Cheeks does..


Well bummer ... darn company. Good thing you weren't counting on that house for anyone special, that would have been a bummer if you were giving it as a gift or something and it collapsed!.

On a separate note, happy belated birthday to Tim(my).