Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sweet Child of Mine

Did this layout last night.


It was actually for two different things but the one thing I screwed up & didn't use two photos. Sigh! I could kick myself.

Anyway the other was for the challenge @

Totally love that site. When I saw the title I knew exactly what picture I wanted to use. He's a good looking kid that Timothy. He's going to be 14 on the 29th. I met him when he was 11! Holy Cow. I was looking at pics the other day of him & you can see how much he has changed. Matured. So fast!

Not one of you told me how fast kids change!!! I am holding you all responsible for the faux pau!

I made some more Xmas cards out of scraps. Will post them later.

Moose & Zee are on. Must go!

Woops out!


Lissa Ballard

Love this layout Meghan! Great perspective on the photo!

Kids do change way too fast...and after you have kids, it seems the days whiz by way too quickly too...

Can't wait to see your cards!

Tara O

You don't suck. I think it's a GREAT LO.


You don't suck! I think it is Great!

Joni M

I love the layout! Very masculine!
I have a hard time scrapping boy pics. Yours came out great!


You totally don't suck... That is a beautiful LO and one of my favorite songs! You must be going through the same thing with your kids that I am with Jacqueline's... You met them little, and technically they're not *yours* - but they are, and they're growing up on you, and it's just so weird! Such a new sensation! Of course you have da Cheekers too... ~_^


Loving the layout! You're being way too hard on yourself! Dont forget why you're scrapping, cause you WANT to for yourself! lol
You think the older ones change fast? Its slow compared to how your little one is going to change in the next year :) Enjoy them!

Scrapping The Music

Love the layout! I would like to use it on a slide show at Scrapping the Music. Please let me know it that is OK. Thanks!

Scrapping The Music

Your layout is GREAT! With your permission, I would like to include it in a slide show at Scrapping the Music. Thanks!