Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkin Patch & other rambles

Shield your's not pretty but the kid is cute! LOL

Do not ask Cheeks to take his attention from playing with the hay!

Burying mommy & himself.

The pumpkin patch

Depsite the heat & some rude people, it was a really good time. When I say Cheeks loved the hay, that is an understatement. This kid was like me in a Coach store with an unlimited amount to spend. He loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, he didn't nap all day so he was a little, um, cranky towards the end of the day. That's ok. He's so friggin cute so all is ok :>)

Not much else going on. Still job hunting. Hopefully will hear from this one company this week. I am enjoying staying home but sadly Visa & PSEG do not understand that I like to stay home therefor I can't make the bills. You think they would be more sympathetic. O well.

Must run.
Need to food shop.
Old Mother Hubbard has more than I do.
Taking Cheekers with me.
Good times!
Good times!

Woops out!


duh, it's me :)

That sounds like a very cool day! Cheekers is way cute, and getting so big :) Nice picture of the two of you!


Cute pictures! Love his expression!


OMG how big has he gotten!!!!

Carolyn F

What a great outing... they are so cute at that age.


Meghan, if at all possible, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

For some odd reason, my children never got into the pumpkin patch. I tried taking them both when they were babies and younger and although Meghen liked it better than Taylor, neither liked it like I do!