Monday, October 29, 2007


Blogger will not let me post photos.

Bobster returned to work this evening.
Whole fam is sad.
Cheeks & I dropped him off at his job to pick up the truck to drive back.
Cheeks just looked at him with watery eyes.
Poor kid.
Poor daddy. He spent a lot of bonding time with Cheeks this weekend, as well as the two older boys.
Well, no use in talking about it.
He will be home again late, late Friday.

Now I want to know your frugal tips for buying Xmas gifts.
Come on.
Gimme them!

Woops outs!


Kathy Carr

So what about . . ."absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Not working huh.


Blogger wouldn't let me upload pics either. Am waiting to hear back on why not!

Darn Blogger. I'm telling you, I may transfer over to Vox. Already have an account there.