Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Can't post pics.
Blogger having issues.
Aren't we all.

Had 2 job interviews today.
One was at a shoe designer. Oh yea baby.
Didn't work out.
The owner told me right off the bat that if I couldn't do the salary to let him know & he wouldn't continue with the interview.
I told him right away.
$5k less than what I was making.
That's less than what I was making when I left FMP to go back to school.

The 1st interview went really well.
I was there 2 hrs!
The HR girl told me everyone really liked me but they could only pay....
$5k less than what I was making.
So a little haggling & she asked me what I could work for.
I told her my bottom line.
Only $1k less than my last job
I need a job & $1k less won't make much difference.
So she has to talk to her bro (they run their dad's company) & I will call her tomorrow. She is going to try to get me what I want b/c they like me.
Yes, they really like me. I feel like I should be clutching an Oscar.

Onto other news.
Cheekers has a cold. Little fever.
The bugger will not let me take his temp.
I did the underarm thing...well you would have thought I asked him to donate a kidney.
So I ran to the store to get the strips you just stick to the forehead...they must not make them anymore cause I couldn't find them.
Ended up getting a thermometer that reads the temp when you hold it to the temple.
Well, for the Love of God, you would have thought I was trying to murder him.
I mean he was thrashing, crying, just when I put the ball on his temple.
What a mess.
I got a reading tho.
It's low, like 99 but he's not himself.
Poor kid.

He's walking!!!
Took his first couple steps the last weekend of the month.
He does better in the playpen walking, then out.
He only seems to do it when he feels like it. Crawling is faster for him & damn! he's quick.

Other news in my life......
Got nothing.
Lead a dull life.

Hopefully the whole family will be together either this coming weekend or the weekend before Halloween.

Tim's bday is the 29th. So I want to bake a cake & have the fam over for cake. I know what we are getting him I just have to find it as cheap as possible.

That's it.
Woops out!



Meghan keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job. Indi was the same when she figured out how to walk, she still crawled everywhere. It was such a faster way to get around.

Anyway chook, good luck.

Lissa Ballard

Good luck with the job girlie! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.
Love the layout!

Hugs to little Cheekers for his bad old cold to go away!


Good luck on the job girlie! I'm thinking I may need either another job or more of one than I have!