Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I think he was talking to my dad in this picture! I dunno.
I am letting his hair grow long, ala Kate Hudson's kid. I sort of like it. We will see what his dad thinks.
So last night was the annual parade in town. I entered Cheeks. He was not amused but held up. We walked about a mile then walked home. He went straight to bed. There was judging & such but we left. People go all out for this. I just threw some vines around his buggy & called it a day.
Imagine my surprise when tonight I got a call telling me he won a prize!!! Woohoo...I have to pick it up tomorrow.
So I have a little prize winner on my hands.
No trick or treating for my little man. I did take him to my mom's salon & then over to see my Godson, who was Elmo. Such a cutie he was.
My mom surprised him by dressing like Raggedy Anne & coming over. He wasn't too sure if it was her, even after she took off her wig. It was really funny & when I went to video it, my camera was dead. Son of a b*tch!
So Cheeks is sleeping.
Kitchen Nightmares is a rerun
I am hopped up on Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Off to scrap!
Woops out!



Well, you'll have to let us know what he won!

A winner already!

Woo hoo.



YAY Ethan! That is great that you won. You will haveto let us know what you won.

Boomer got his name drew out and won 40.00 gc to Pizza Hut. lol