Monday, October 01, 2007

May I Present The Boys

Honestly, are there any other children out there that are cuter?
Don't think so.
This is what I got Bobster for his birthday.
A nice portrait of his three boys.
Got the pics taken at Target.
This was the only decent one out of the bunch.
The photographer sucked. She was bad.
To say she sucked ass is being kind. She meant well but she just did not engage the kids.
O well.
I got this shot & that's what matters.
I have another interview tomorrow.
Haven't heard from the one from last week.
Guess it went to someone else.
Maybe this is a sign that I am to stay home!
Yea, right.
Wish me luck tomorrow.
Not much else going on.
Doing a little early Xmas shopping here & there, preparing for Disney in Feb., freecycled a sh*tload of stuff today.
Now to just get my cards to sell on Ebay & I will be Golden.
Woops out!



wow, I'd say she sucked. Her composition is awful. ( I used to be a photographer for PCA.. they have studios in K-Mart and now Wal-Mart). What a whole lifetime ago that was. But they sure are cute!!!


well, those good lookin boys outshine how ever bad the photographer might have sucked!
by the way, i'm hosting a sock swap over on my blog if anyone is interested!


Good looking boys you have! Dispite how bad the photographer was.

duh, it's me :)

What beautiful boys!! Too bad the other pics didn't come out well. This one is the money shot though!!