Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday! Monday!

Another work week is upon us.
2 days of being back on the meds.
Much better....well for the most part.

Nothing really Earth shattering to report.

I could do one of those 100 things about me post but really, 100 things....that's a lot.
So I am opening up my blog to the readers.
Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know.
I will then answer them in an upcoming post.
Sound good?

BTW, did you know you can go to Martha Stewart online & sign up for cookie, craft & organization of the day. Not to mention the Halloween, Christmas & Thanksgiving tip of the day.
Of course, I have signed up! Plus she is starting her Halloween workshop Sept 8th (I think). That should be fun. She will also have a workshop for Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Sign up!
Get cool tips!

Woops out!



That is one free thing I won't be signing up for. I just cannot STAND Martha Stewart. She sickens me. I refuse to buy anything she promotes, including her scrapbooking line. Strange huh?



I signed up. I like all her craft ideas, especially for the holidays. I want to have a Halloween party for the boys this year. Thanks for the tip.