Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good ideas?

First up, the newly shorn Cheekers.
I know you have all just been waiting with baited breath to see him with his new do.
Tres sexy, yes?
I played around with photoshop on both of these shots.
The second one I did the brightness darker & the contrast lighter.
I like the way it turned out.
Artsy Fartsy, ya know?
He's a handsome devil!!!

Now I want to know what makes men think certain things are good ideas.

It is a good idea to leave your dirty underwear under the end table.

It is a good idea to just leave your clothes whereever you take them off.

It is a good idea to just throw your clothes in the closet, hangers are meant for losers.

It is a good idea to just leave the drawer open because God knows if you close it, you will just have to open it again when you need socks.

It is a good idea to have holes the size of your head in your socks (and lets not forget the underwear).

This is what I ponder today.
Obviously men are the thinkers because I have never thought about any of those things.

Woops out!


Miss Mommy

Aww.....He looks so handsome Megs!!

And you had me laughing on your men wonderings...LOL LOL

Felicia McB

girl! let me know if you get the answers to any of those excellent questions! I ask myself those same questions quite frequently. It's just another of those weird guy gene things. I've recently figured out why men don't ask for directions (or look at directions that come with things)...they're genetically unable to follow them! I can give the either of the males in my home STEP BY STEP instructions to find something of theirs, and they'll say "I can't find it" and I'll walk in do exactly what I told them to do to find it and there it'll be. so it's probably better to accept it now...


Cheekers is too cute for words! I gave up on trying to figure men out, I just pick up the clothes and close the drawers, it's easier that way.


another pondering for you?? why do you think foul air escapes freely from their hind regions and they dont feel the need to say anything? at least not until the medics arrive and they say i dont know what happened. she walked in the living room and thud, she hit the floor? oh and yeah. could ethan look more like chris in that first picture?? holy cosmic cow!!!


He looks adorable. Seems happy with the new do. Wait until he gets to be the boys age and you get the spikey vs. not spikey debate every morning. Worse than girls.

I too wonder about the things you wonder about. I also live in a house full of men. My favorite is lets eat all of the twinkies and then leave the empty box in the cabinet so Mommy thinks it is still full.

Boys - can't live with them, can't ship them off to someone else!!!


Meghan, Let me give you a small bit of advice since I'm a tad older...lol...let it go! Men will drive you crazy if you let them. They think the world revolves around them. They figure as long as there are no holes in the socks where anyone can see, that they are fine to be worn. It defies logic Hon. Just go with it and when you are folding said socks, just throw those with a hole away. I started doing that and even that little bit of ingenuity has caused me such less mental pain!

As for Cheeks, as cute as he is, and he IS cute, start now! Show him how to throw a sock away. Make sure he puts the toilet seat down. Make him ASK for directions. Make him read instruction manuals...I don't care for what, just have him read them when he's old enough! Just say NO to football all day on Sunday. Get him while he's young sister!



I gave up on trying to figure men out. I know that it is a losing battle. lol

Cheeks is way too cute!


He is adorable!

And don't get me started on men. Ugh. I can't stand that there are socks everywhere!