Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Public Service Announcement

This come with care & concern.

I have 2 to bestow upon you.

1. If you can not see over the steering wheel, do not drive. This is for your safety. You do not make turns correctly, you cut people off & most times you drive 10 mph in a 35mph zone. Also you tend to weave. If I can not see your head above the headrest of your car, it's time to let go of driving.

2. Inside furniture does not, I repeat does not belong on the outside porch, deck, etc. Example: An old couch, with holes & rips, belongs in the trash, not as furniture for your front porch. Example: The stove, while attractive in it's normal environment, not so much on the porch. Also brass lamps with lampshades belong in the den,living room etc, not on the floor of your deck plugged in.

This will conclude today's PSA.
If you agree, please comment.
If you do not, please comment.
I welcome all comments.

Woops out!



Oh I dunno, I beg to differ about the use of indoor furniture outside. In Chicago, people use furniture to save a parking space after shoveling it out. It's quite a site LOL


I totally agree. Other no-no's while driving - holding your cell phone with your shoulder while you put your make up on and eat an Egg McMuffin, read the paper or watch a dvd. And the biggest no-no ever..DO NOT PUT YOUR BRA ON WHILE DRIVING. Yes, I actually saw a woman behind me do this. Nightmares for weeks!!!!


Amen to that sister. Too many people have nasty furniture rotting on their porches. Thank goodness I have an HOA that does NOT allow stuff like that or you get FINED! Ha!


Umm, have to agree with you Megs. It scares me when someone can't see over the steering wheel. If one needs to sit upon phone books in order to see the road,something is really wrong! lol

As for furniture ... I'm not a fan of furniture outside in the front at all whether it's meant to be there or not. Back yard furniture should be just that ... BACK yard furniture.



Screaming Meme

I'm having a "faux" class that is starting come join in the fun! Screaming Meme

Miss Mommy

LOL LOL You had me cracking up!!! I could not agree with you more!!! Especially the sofa on the front porch thing...I have seen that a few times....What are they thinking???


You are too funny Meghan! It really irritates me to see a young kid drive. They do it here all the time. Or have a kid on their lap and letting them steer... scary!


Haha! I agree about the furniture, we have a ton of that going on in Central PA!
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, i'm glad you liked it! :)


Hehehe! When we got rid of our old sofa earlier this spring, we actually put it outside by the firepit for a while to make bonfires more comfy! ^_^ It's gone now, but it was fun for a few weeks...