Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Birthday Parties Galore this weekend.
We survived tho.
Here is Cheekers in his "Construction Hat" ($.99 cents at Goodwill...spaved!)
The shirt I found on Etsy & promptly sent the link to the Grandpop.
Cute eh?

Kept it simply.
Chips & pretzels.
I used Cheeks toys to serve.
Pretty crafty eh?

Aunt Kathy gave him this.
Total hit!
And it has sounds effects.
Lucky me.

Just some pics of the cake.
I got him the exact same one for the family get together.
It was pretty darn good too!
Score for Shop Rite!

Getting ready to blow out the big number "2" candle.
I think this is the only pic of me with him, so at least all my adoring blog readers know I really exist! LOL
That is Aunt Kathy in the background with her daughter Amanda.
Amanda is 6 mos younger than Cheeks & is just as tall.
Guess when your dad is 6'5 & your mom is 6ft, your chances are pretty good that you will be tall!

That's all the pics I will post for now.
Don't want to you bore you all.

Woops out!



what sweet pics!

Twice as Nice

What a darling idea using the dump trucks to hold snacks. I love it. What a precious little boy too!!


Those pics look great babe!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the dump trucks as plate holders!!!


Twice as Nice

I'm posting this again because it said it didn't go through so if this is a double post-sorry. What a great idea using the dump trucks for snacks! What a precious little boy too.

Miss Mommy

The cake is so COOL!!! I will have to remember that come Little Man's birthday in October!!


Love your idea of using his trucks for serving trays. Love the cake! He is too cute!


My sister is very thrifty and very crafty and she did this same thing one year when dumptrucks were the theme o the day. Very cute.