Thursday, August 21, 2008

The reason I am shopping for new furniture

Right there!
See those 2....oldest & youngest (not sure where the middle one was at this point).
I am the mom of 3 boys....therefor my furniture takes a beating. Besides walking a like they are both alike in the fact that they are hard on furniture.
This gives me an excuse to shop, well dream shop is more like it.

So I have found a site with Modern Furniture. Why Modern Furniture? I live with 3 boys & a man child. Think readers! Think! Tee hee. This site is pretty nifty too. They have sectionals, love seats, chaises.....enough to let me dream the dream into reality.

They also have Contempary Furniture. Again it allows me to dream. Dream I say b/c they are expensive but like my Grandpop said....You get what you pay for, no? So I am looking at gorgeous furniture that is quality.

For those shoppers that aren't big Contempary Furniture or Modern Furniture fans, the site also offers a nice selection of Italian Furniture. You know, the kind with the plastic still on it.
Just kidding. The furniture really is beautiful!

So if you are looking for quality Designer Furniture, check all those links up there out.
You will so not be disappointed. Even if you are just dream shopping.

Woops out!


Jennifer Stewart

Hi, Meghan! I couldn't find your email to write you back from the comment you left on my blog, so I just followed your blog link here. :)

Thanks for the compliment on the garland! I sure appreciate that. :)

Have a good weekend!

Gypsy aka Tam

Hi Meghan, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the halloween decor photo. Most of the items in that picture I purchased last year at Michaels. Michaels already has some of there Halloween items in the stores now and you should be able to find some real neat stuff. I am not allowed to buy anymore since I ran out of room to store it :o(
Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

The Hoyt's

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. Nice to meet ya..