Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My little baby.
My little man.
I can't believe he's 2!!!
Got his 1st time out at daycare yesterday.
Apparantly tackling Molly & hitting her are a no~no.
Who knew?

So who is on
This site totally rocks.
My friend, Mike, invited me.
I have found so many people from high school.
Sadly, high school was 20 years ago.
Can't be!

Who else is anxiously awaiting the premiere of the new
Come on, I can't be the only dork.
I will be watching.
I was totally addicted to the orig & I still watch it in reruns, along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel but I digress.

Over the weekend I made these:
Crispy Carmel Brownie Treats
Very tasty buggers if I do say so myself.
Surprisingly, the boys & Bob didn't like them.
Bobster said too sweet, the kids didn't like rice krispie treats.
Um, who doesn't like rice krispie treats.
Isn't that un-American.
So I sent them with the Nana for the PopPop.
PopPop is a sweets person.
Hopefully he liked them.
Take a gander at the recipe but better yet take a gander at the whole blog:
Picky Palate
I am surprised this girl doesn't have her own show on the Food Network.
Trust me...you will find something you like on her site.

Well, my exciting Tuesday evening is about to come to ahead. I hear my washer hitting the spin cycle which can only mean I get to hang up laundry very soon.
O when will the excitement end!

Woops out!



Oh wow, that blog is fabulous! Thanks for the link!


Justin turns two FRIDAY! Oiy!! I remember your monster was delivered early.

I'm on facebook - look up Briana Fisher :) Facebook is wayyy better than myspace.


I'm on Facebook! Look up Jennifer Chapman Lavender.


2 already, man where does the time go?

I'm on facebook too...look up Cyndi Oberle


I haven't decided on 90210 yet, but I'll give it a try maybe. They are doing a marathon on Labor Day on Soapnet.

I'm over on facebook (Renee Hurff)