Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lookee! Lookee! A Prize & Some Modern Furniture!

So this was waiting for me when I arrived home tonight.
I was the winner over at
Mama's Cup (a blog written by a girl named she is obviously cool!)
This is all
Kiss My Face products.
And Hello! They are full size.
I am so excited to have won this & I can't wait to use it on the Cheekers.
He will so love those whale soaps. I like them so much I want to "save them for good"
Does anyone else do that?
Save things for good?
Funny isn't it. You like it so much, you save it & never use it.
So I want to say thank you to Meaghan for hosting such a cool giveaway & for picking me!
Thank you!
Thank you!

So I have the decorating bug again.
I am planning on painting this green display shelf that I have. I am going to do it black. I think I may put it in the my bedroom when done.
Well my bedroom is a hole & anything should help make it better, right?

I desperately need furniture in there.
So I am in the mood & have been surfing the net.
I actually have been looking for
Modern Furniture. Which lead me here!
Of course, I have Bobster in mind.
The man likes black laquer furniture (I mean like the black laquer with gold trim...lovely!) Lets not forget the gigantic lamp with spider legs. Very Metropolitan Home no?

Anyway I think this particular
Modern Bedroom would meet his tastes, what do you think? It's lacquer but white. I just can't bring myself to do the black kind. This website does have various white bedroom sets. That particular one is one of my favs.

I particulary like the headboard on this
Modern Bedroom set. You? I think I can make this manly or shabby about manby chic? I think I just coined a new phrase!

This site also does kids furniture...which as you all know I am redoing the boys room & the Cheekers. Sigh.
Wish I had a money tree in the yard.
Does anyone have a money tree in the yard?
If you do, please send me a seedling for me to start my own tree.

On that note, I am outty.
Fox Reality has on Trashiest Weddings.
The last one had a Port o Potty theme & the groom was wearing a wife beater, suspenders & a pimp hat.
O Yea!
You know it's a par-tay then!

Woops out!



thanks for stopping by my blog! I so love it when I get to make new friends!
Great thing that you won! So wish that I could get some good luck coming my way!!
Good luck on the bedroom. Masters are really hard. I know that I have struggled with mine for a long time. I have the summer look. But come fall-I will so want to change! My husband was the one who pointed this out. Then he rolled his eyes. This is becoming his signature move!! Still love him though!! good luck with the furniture decisions! If you want an opinion=I have a lot of them !!
Have a great day!!


Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day.

You are one funny lady. :)