Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This, that & other things

Whose in the mood for fall?
And I really need apothecary jars.
I want them!!!!
Aren't they scrumptious up there? All decked out for fall?
I am sad to see the summer end but Autumn is totally my favorite season!
I can't wait to break out the decor.
The Nana & I went tonight to
The Christmas Tree Shop. Do you have one by you?
Totally love this store.
They had all their fall/Halloweeny stuff out.
I managed to just pick up a ghost cookie cutter (to cut someone's sandwiches into shapes...Bobster just loves that! Tee hee) & some Halloweeny cupcake liners.
So after going there, & the weather is cool, I am ready to break out the Autumnal mood!

Speaking of mood, last night for some unknown reason I ended up watching Hilary Clinton speak at the Democratic Convention.
Now, keep in mind, I do not get involved in politics or follow it much but I was watching.
Also this is my blog & my opinion. If you disagree, please comment but don't be mean or nasty, k?
Also, comment if you agree.
Just comment...I love them.
Total comment whore!

Anywho, I was watching her & she was going on about why she ran for President.
At the end, she said "This is why you should vote for Barack Obama".
That's great Hil, but shouldn't you have been talking about him, not you.
No longer about you.

Most of all tho., the thing that got me was Michelle Obama.
The woman looked totally disgusted with everything last night.
She looked like she was smelling poop the entire time.
An attitude just oozed from her.
I don't know who I support just yet but if Michelle's attitude is any indication of her husband's then....

Well, Cheeks & Bobster have returned.
They worked on the race car.
My son if filthy!
Off to give baths.

Woops out!



So funny! I was just thinking about doing a post on apothecary jars tonight. Great minds! ;) We actually got some GREAT ones at Sam's Club. I'm sure they will come back in for the holiday, but they are PB rip-off for a STEAL of a price. :)


I LOVE my apothecary jars! I have three that sit on my piano and I change the fillers out every season (or whenever I get a whim!). I bought black licorice earlier this week but was not able to find candy corn (actually I used Indian Corn) or the Halloween M&M's until last night! Now we're complete!!!

So nice to meet you!