Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend over, work week begun

Looks calm doesn't it?
What you aren't seeing is the chaos that ensued immediately after I snapped the host.
Cheeks & C-dogg were playing catch with a soft, plush football, so of course Bobster & TimBob had to get in on the action.
How do you like my lovely coffee table?
Beautiful no?
It used to have the foam all around it but it came unglued.
My thoughts, why remove the end foam, it just adds to the beauty!!!
Just keeping it real.
So now everyone can see how tiny my living room is.
I try to keep it as neat as possible tho.
Hard when you live with 3 boys & a man-child.
I love them tho.
Just yesterday, they decided the living area needed a special touch of their own.
I now have a Steelers flag hanging from the back of my front door.
Lovely, no?
Good thing I take mood altering drugs!!!!
I am planning on paiting that shelf on the wall there black & adding some corridinating scrapbook paper for the back.
Tres chic?
Anywho, we took Cheeks & C-dogg to the races on Saturday.
Every week Bobster & Uncle Chi race at Bridgeport Speedway.
This week they were off so we went to just watch.
Cheeks 1st time going.
I think, if his head could have exploded from all the excitement, it would have.
The child was enthralled.
First time since he learned to crawl that I saw him sit still for more than 20 minutes.
I mean, completely still, not even a squirm.
When each race first began, his mouth would form an "O" , he would point & you would hear "OOOOH!"
So cute.
We really enjoyed ourselved as a family. TimBob, being 14 soon to be 15, decided to hang out by himself, so it was just the 4 of us. Guess that's part of having a teen in the house.
Yesterday we pretty much hung out. Welll we ran errands all day & had a nice dinner but primarily hung out!
What did you do this weekend?
Woops out!
*Edited: I do not know why blogger will not post the spaces I put in between the paragraphs! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!*



I cleaned my house. And I mean cleaned. It hadn't basically been deep cleaned in months! Months! I also had a 5 hour meeting for Girl Scouts. Yes, 5 hours!

I like the Steelers; my favorite team, always has been, don't know why! lol