Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh that's right, Dale Earnhardt Jr & Tony Stewart there's a new driver in town!
He will do what it takes to win....that includes hissy fits & throwing his sippy. All will be followed with a hug to say it's ok.
Check out the cutest race car driver ever!!!

Got these taken at Picture People. Despite it being hot as heck in there, they did a pretty good job. They even presented us with a collage of closeups, done in black & white in a really cool frame for the low price of $149.00. I fell in love with it but it was out of my budget.
Have no fear....the Grandpop bought it for me for Xmas.
Shout out to the Grandpop!!!!

It was a realitively low key weekend altho. we did shop til we drop.
Big Foot up there grew out of his sneakers. My 1st clue was when I put them on & he said "Ouch, Mommy, piggies." That's right, I didn't even have to buy a vowel to figure that one out.
So we hit up Stride Rite.

2 pairs of shoes....size 8.5, someone has Flintstone feet like his father.
Every single one of the kids do.
Flat & wide.
The poor kid looks like he has clown feet.
Hello.....Bobster wears a 14 wide!!!
I have a small, delicately petite foot at a size 10.

Sooooooooooo, what did you do this weekend??????

Before I forget, come Check out Living Locurto's Halloween Party here: Living Locurto
Absolutely the cutest stuff!!!!

Woops out!


michelle {sweet mady's paper}



Thank you for your attempt at stimulating the economy this weekend. It's too late now, but just an FYI, try to find a Picture Innovations in your area. Their work is very similar to Picture People for less than $15. I can't help with the shoes, we also only do Stride Rite for now, butttt, ebay sells them new at times if you know the size, about $30.


So Cute! I came back to your blog from our 10 favorite things about fall to let you know I posted the Chocolate Chicken Cashew Chili recipe on my blog if you're still interested!

Half of the Style Sisters

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! I would love to be your mom or big sis! he he he
We really had a ton of fun putting together my daughters 18th birthday/halloween party I think we made some great memories for her and her friends. Even the parents heard all about it so that means it must have been pretty good for the kids to have come home and talked about it with their parents. Yea!!

Your little boy is just too adorable...I love the racecar outfit! What a little cutie!



Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like my Trick or Treat basket. I got everything at the wood connection, I love that place. We almost spell our names the same, how cool! Youre blog is cute!


Cheekers looks adorable! Thanks for the birthday wishes, yeah, I love my present!

Amy from Texas

He is adorable! Happy Halloween!!!


Cheeks is way too cute in his racing outfit! I think he wins hands down. lol


He is just too cute!!! I can't believe how big he is getting.

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

He is the cutest little race car driver ever!
Loving that smile...


Look at that smile! AHH!