Friday, October 17, 2008

Foto Flashback Friday

Let's revisit some memory making moments, shall we.

Here's my dad or the Grandpop as we refer to him now.
He's a looker in that uniform, no?

An 11 yr old TimBob....can you stand it? He will be 15 in like 2 weeks!!!!

Where did the time go???

And who are these 1988 Prom beauties?????

That bow on the shoulder is stunning! And the hair, well those hairdo's took hours people! HOURS!

God, I was thin!

Check out this Vogue inspired pic. That the Nana & my Aunt Patty (shout out to Aunt Patty!) Aunt Patty is my dad's youngest sister, closest in age to moi....I think 10 yrs separates us.
And who would this cutie patootie be?

Guess correctly & you could win a small, humble prize from moi!

Is that dress not to die for!

Hello 1972. This is the original Grandpop & the Grandmom.

Funny Grandpop still looks EXACTLY the same!

And who are these Cosmo girls? Well it's the Nana & the Aunt Dar. Sexy mo~fo's aren't they??
Yet anothering flattering shot of me, Bobster & Cheekers. Circa Thanksgiving 2006!
Check out this little middle one. Missing a tooth eh? He will be 10 next month!


So any flashback fotos you care to share???

Dig em out & post em! I would love to see them!

Woops out!



thats sommmme hat....hahahah and yes that grandpop was sommmmme hottie...

Shadows of the goddess designs

love the pics !! thanks for visiting my blog . I have you entered in the contest :)

Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan thanks for the shout out!! I love it when you post pictures on your blog especially of me when I was young and thin and never had to touch up my blond hair!LOL Oh yes those were the days!
Take care and keep on blogging,
Love ya's


LOL Meghan that baby girl in the pic is your sister Erin. Thats my guess! I think I may have actually seen that picture before. Those photos were awesome! Makes me want to dig my old box of pictures out and post some of them!