Thursday, October 09, 2008

Have you ever seen

The tv game show called "Trash to Treasure"
It's produced by HGTV
around these here parts it's shown on The Style Network.
It's a pretty good show, well game show actually.

2 Teams.
They are given $$$ & set loose in flea markets & garage sales.
Back to the lab where they are to repurpose their finds & sell them for a higher price.
They do not always get the higher price.
Team to make the most $$$ wins.

What I like about it is seeing everyone's vision.
Not always my vision but none the less it's interesting.
Sometimes they just flop with what they do & sometimes not everything sells.
I am pretty sure the show takes place in NYC.
Anywho check it out b/c:
1. I want to know what you think of it
2. Check out the host, Sandy Robson.
That's him there:

Does he not strike an uncanny, I mean creepy, resemblence to Owen Wilson?
Every time I watch this showI think "OMG! I could do that!" & "OMG! He looks just like Owen Wilson!"

So tell me, have you seen the show? Do you think the two look similar? Let me know!

Woops out!


preppy little dress

i think they look similar.

as far as the show, i love it! haven't seen it lately, but it's always interesting to see what they find and how they are able to get stuff cheeaper than listed. i used to watch it when there was a girl hosting the show awhile back.