Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cupcake Queen of Nevada

Have you all met Tracey? From Notes from A Cottage Industry. I found her blog b/c she has a great decorating sense. I mean, the girl rocks the talent. Not only can she decorate & has a business selling her refurbed wares (aside from her big girl job), she also bakes, decorates & sells cupcakes!!!!
Oh that's right.
I said it.
Let's visit some of her creations.
Check these out....look at those sweet lady bugs & the "melt in your mouth" pink icing (or as a lot of Philly area's spelled pronounce it icing....sorry for the rant but that drives me crazy)

Look at these.

How cute would they be for a baby boy shower or even a one year old's bday party???

Mini still my heart!
Birds Nests!!! How creative can one person be. just have an ounce of this talent.
Finally my favorite color combo. Green & Orange.

LoVe It!!!!!!!!!

So go see Tracy over at Notes from A Cottage Industry


have your mouth drool at her cupcakes


have your eyes take in all her lovely creations!

Tell her I sent ya.

Do you have any yummy cupcakes sites to share? What's your fav color combo on cupcakes? Do you say ICNING??? Tee hee.

Woops out!



Oh gosh, it is first thing in the morning and my mouth is drooling....those look fabulous!!! You know, I am one of those that hasn't met a cupcake I didn't like!!!


Beautiful cupcakes. I do call it icing, I hate mispronunciations especially when people call ACME "ack-a-me" and my in-laws call ziti "zitta". I don't understand people's needs to put extra letters in.

I'm going to make some cupcakes tomorrow with my son, nothing too creative, but I'll blog about it. in honor of you.


Hey Meghan I tagged you for a MEME, head on over to play

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~

Now I'm wanting something sweet. Oh thanks a lot! lol!
How funny. It irritates me too when words are pronounced wrong. Like the word "supposedly". It's not "supposebly" or "supposely". he he.
Thanks for coming over and saying Hi. Have a great day!


Those cupcakes look yummy! I need to make cupcakes for Justin's halloween party at school. Now I am inspired.

I hate when people say ax me (ask me)or supposibly (supposedly).

My Crafty Little Page

I adore Tracey's blog and just wish I lived close enough to buy some! Now that you have me craving cupcakes...:0)Nancy


Yum! I love the look of the green and orange ones. I'll go check her out. I have no favorite sites yet but I have favorite books from Taste of Home with some yummy looking cupcakes

Bella Casa

Oh wow, those cupcakes are amazing! I wonder how she makes those cool!

I saw alot of eye candy at The Dollar Tree for Christmas, but I just told myself "No" a few times, lol. But wow, yes, they have alot of glitter and glitzing going on this year, too much fun :)

Those barn star ornaments are pretty cute (and a nice size) for a dollar, I was excited just like your sister...yep, just the little things in life for me ;)

PS: we had McD's last night, it's $1.50 Happy Meal night on Weds at our McD's.