Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Halloween is here!
Can you stand it????

Cheeks is wearing his race car costume & is at his first official "Halloween" party at daycare today. They are going to take the kids around the block for a practice trick or treat run.
How cute is that??!!!???

I am going to take him out when I am done work (shh! I am there now, posting)
Last night, Mischief Night in this here parts, we participated in the Haddon Twp. Halloween Parade. Bobster pushed E in his "racecar" while I walked beside & Uncle "D" & Aunt Erie watched & took pics from the sidelines. Will upload later.

So what are your plans for Halloween today?????

Woops out!



Hope you have a great evening. Ill be at work!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room

We had a fun night. My son and husband and I went with my sister and her kids to our old neighborhood where they get really festive and tons of people are everywhere. It was really fun, my son had a blast!

Happy night! Hope you had a fun one!