Monday, October 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Here it is.
Your PSA for October.
What could it be about?
It's a two parter.
1st...Back Fat.

Let's visit back fat.
I have it.
I will admit it.
I know enough to wear a shirt that is flattering. (i.e. loose over the back & tummy area, not lowcut)
Apparently not everyone adheres to this rule.
That's ok!
Just please know that a loose fitting top will be more becoming than say a shirt from the juniors department when you are a plus girl or your 6 yr old's UnderArmore on your 36 yr old body.
It is not sexy to see rolls & rolls stuffed under your shirt. They move when you walk, like 2 pigs fighting under a blanket!
So, please, listen to this PSA & choose clothes flattering.

2nd...bras that offer support.
Since I am, how do the french say.....wee fluffy...I have girls that are on the larger than normal size.
I always make sure I have a bra that offers support.
You know keeps the girls up at a flattering level.
Really, your belly button peeking between your boobs is not attractive.
Let's just say that you should not be able to run a chain through your nipple rings & belly button rings & the chain goes straight through...know what I'm sayin?
Plus the girls, they like support.
Now, I'm not saying you can't whip off the over the shoulder boulder in your own home but please think of others when you go out.
Nothing hurts worse than getting hit with a stray boob!

So, please America & other nations, keep in mind.....for the safety of others, please support your girls!

Woops out!


Miss Mommy

I could not agree with you more Meg!! Great Post!!


adding to my daughters psa ... as we get older things have a way of heading south. when such things go south i want to suggest a course in oragami. (did i spell that right). one can fold and design thus going down a cup size of two...i find the dragon fold to be beneficial for moi....


GREAT POST!!! You need to get the word out. It's ok to be fat, I'm fat, but I'm not showing the world my muffin. Cover that skank up!

Carey are fabulous. I love your humor (it reminds me a bit of my own)! I'm just going to have to follow you now - but in the non-stalker sense of "follow".

Thanks for visiting my blog!