Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo! I scare you!!!

Did you jump?
Are you petrified???
OOOOH! Scarey ghost!!!!!!!!!

Being the mommy I am, back at the end of the summer I bought a ghost cookie cutter to cut Cheeks sandwiches in the shape of a ghost. I finally remembered to take a pic. The 1st time I made it, I used pretzels for the eyes & mouth. This time the brain kicked in & I adhered Cheerio's with a little peanut butter.
Much scarier!!!!

Today is National Chocolate Day.
In honor I started the day out by chomping on a 100 Grand Bar.
Nothing says breakfast like Chocolate!!!!

How are you going to celebrate this holiday??
Tell me!

Woops out!



I love your ghosty sandwich, you should seriously look into bento lunches. As for the Chocolate Holiday, I personally will probably not partake (I'm one of the 3 women worldwide who doesn't really like chocolate), but when I go to the grocery store, I'll get my son some chocolatey goodness and even let him eat it!


Woo hoo National Chocolate Day! I have 6 bags of Halloween candy to help me celebrate.


That ghost sandwich is too cute!

No, I did not know that it was chocolate week. I hve nothing that is chocolate in my house right now.

Tara O'Rourke

Is that PERMISSION to eat chocolate...evil laugh....


OH the ghost sandwich is cute. What a fun thing to do for that cutie.

Well I had no idea it was National Chocolate day! I made hot chocolate for the kids to go with breakfast. I will have to make chocolate snickerdoodles this afternoon.


That is too stinking cute!!


I Agree!! I try to eat milk chocolate, you know, for the milk.


That sandwich is too cute!! Although my dd would probably cry that I ate part of her sandwich! LOL

MMMMMM, Natl Chocolate Day? I think that means I should get one of the cookies I made for my oldest dd to take to work today!!


Miss Mommy

Too cute Meg!! I am sure Cheekers really enjoyed it!! I know Little Man would of inhaled that sandwich!!!


I love that sammy! The Charlotte Observer is coming to take pics of my Fantasy Football league tomorrow and that's what I'll make as the snack! THanks!!!


I will be working. Celebrating halloween with kids in the hospital!! Could be worse..Hope all the kids stay well!

Lisa & Gerald

You been Boo-ed Stop by my blog and find out! hehehehe


Terrified me!!! LOL!!! It is cute though!!! BTW love the Amy Winehouse!!


I totally missed the holiday! Guess I should have a belated celebration tomorrow LOL!
I love that ghost sandwich, how creative!