Saturday, October 06, 2007

Layouts, Layouts, Layouts, Get your Layouts Right Here!!

Got more scrapping done & more challenges. Woooooo!

This next layout is made in fun. Just putting it out there that the child had no alcohol content in his mouth, body or anything at all. I think we all have these types of photos & if you don't then I would hope you would realize I do have enough common sense not to let my son have least not until he's 3!! LOL

Anyway this is for the challenge at Had to use the word GONE. I just thought this would be a goofy layout to do & I was in the goofball mood.

Next up.
I did the challenge/contest for Mojor Survivor which was to use multiple pics (at least 2), some bling & write about didn't have to use the word, just write about it. The contest is being held at Go check out the rocks.

The layout also ties in with the challenge at It was to use the title Sweet Child of Mine. I did one for Tim, so of course, I had to do one for Christopher. Same journaling, just changed the name. One more to go for Cheekers.

In other news, we are going to the pumpkin patch with my sister, Aunt Kathy & cousin/my Godson, Aidan today. Taking a hayride, picking the pumpkin, all in the lovely 80 some odd degree weather & high humidity that we are experiencing this week. Where the frig is October??? It better get cooler or poor Cheeks will be sweating galore on Halloween. His costume is made for cooler temperatures.

Stay tuned...must post Christmas cards still!

Woops out~!



Great lo's! Had to laugh at the one with Ethan.


hehe, those are fun pages! I've seen beer and baby pics before! You are definitely not alone on that one!


Love the layouts, love the colours in the Gone lo!


Wonderful layouts. Yep I too have some of those photos there all good fun!