Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camp? Camp? You mean this isn't the Holiday Inn.

Yes read that right...I went camping & here's the kicker...I enjoyed it.
A lot!
Would definitely go back!!
Of course, I didn't do it in a tent.
We used my bil & sil's camper.
Ah, a/c, tv & a toilet...what more could ya want...well room service so I had Bobster cook lunch & dinner!

The kids had a BLAST!
Tim said he wanted to be left alone & relax, so that's what we did.
He hung out, played PSP & sunbathed.
Chris ran around, fished w/ Bobster, walked on the trail, swam, hung out, etc.
Cheeks ran around like a maniac, swam like a fish, played & got FILTHY! I mean FILTHY!
Bobster & I relaxed, swam, went for a walk on the trail & just spent some much needed relaxing time together.

Cheeks know says 3 new words....water, aqua & momo.
Momo? you say.
Short for motorcycle.
He saw them all weekend & fell in love.
Momo! Momo! He would say & point.
I think it was the highlight of his weekend away.

And now for our pictorial!

To prove that I went in the creek!
Cheeks loves his big brother, Chris...I mean LOVES him!!!
Look, it's Big foot & two small children....step away children! Step Away!
Love this pic!
You know you can only wear white sandels after Memorial Day...good move there Cheeks!
Go, fishy! Go! This kid can swim like nobody's business!
Another favorite of mine!!!
Woops out!