Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

To my little sister, Erin, otherwise known as "Er-ree".
Today she turns 25.

I remember the day she was born. She messed up the show "The Waltons" & here's a little trivia, she is named for the character on the show! Of course, she could have been named Peggy Sue or Wendy as my dad wanted to name me but she got off easy! I used to change this chicky's diapers & buy her all kind of toys & clothes.

She most recently moved into her 1st apt with "the boy". You can read about it on her blog over there <~~~~~~~~~~~~ altho. she hasn't updated in awhile. So go, leave her happy birthday love!

Woops out!



I remember when my baby sister was born. I was only 3 1/2 and unfortunately no one told me she was not a doll and was going to move so the first time I held her I dropped her. Oh come on, not from the top of the stairs, she just kind of rolled down my legs. Happy Birthday Erin, we big sisters love our baby sisters, whether 5 or 25.