Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too Hot Too Cook Thursday

Hola Peeps!
Today's recipe is brought to you by SJ Mom Bloggers & the letter X b/c well I like it.

So today's recipe is lifted.
Lifted from Picky Palate. Have you been here?
Run, run to it now.

This girl creates her recipes & they totally, totally ROCK! Just looking at her pics makes your mouth water!

So todays recipe can be found here: Garden Vegetable Couscous with Simple Dijon Dressing. Does this not look devine?
Holy Heavens to Mirgatroid it does!!!!
Can't wait to try it.
Perhaps the Nana will read the blog, make it & bring it to her starving grandson & mommy will have to taste it.
So go visit the Picky Palate & tell her I sent you!

On a sad note today....I lost one of my slides.
Not just any slides but my really cute black & white gingham Aerosole's.
I got them back in like 2000/2001 when the Aerosoles in the mall was closing.
A steal.
And they still look brand new.

Sadly, tho, the velcro decided to die today.
Not a big deal except the velcro stuck together & just the material separated, causing the slide to fall off my foot.
I ran across to the office across the hall & got super glue & stuck it back together til I can get it to a shoe maker.
How embarrassing.
I would have waited until I got home but I can't drive barefoot. Ridiculous, I know!

On that note...
Woops out!