Monday, July 28, 2008

We are the champions! We are the champions!

Perhaps not we so much as he!!!
That's right baby!
Aaron McCargo Jr. is your Next Food Network Star!
You go boyfriend!!!!!

I was so excited when they announced his name I sprung up on my couch, hands above my head, looked at Bobster & yelled "Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

His show starts next week.
Make sure to tune in.
I know I will.

And, Aaron, if you are reading my blog, you rock & I will be the President of you fan club!!!!

Woops out!



i knew he won.. i ran into suzanne h and she told me he knew the day you saw him in colls. she talked to him. i didtn want to ruin your surprise..teeheehee....congrats aaron


I was thinking of you last night when I was watching this. I never even watched this show until last night to see if your boy won!!