Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too Hot To Cook Thursday

It's here!
It's here!
The heat.
The humidity.
Gots to love livin in Jersey this time of year.

Anywho, it is just too darn hot to do anything fun, let alone cook.
So what do I serve the hungry masses as I come through the door after work?

Chicken Caeser Salad.
EZ Peasy.
Check it out.

Bagged Lettuce ~ Up to you what kind...I either go classic iceberg or throw in some romaine.
Pre-cooked Chicken Slices ~ Again up to you...I use Perdue Roasted Chicken Slices.
Some parm cheese.
Some bacon bites for some extra pazzaz
Caeser dressing.

Put lettuce in bowl.
Heat chicken in microwave...I usually do 2 minutes.
Throw chicken in bowl.
Add cheese & bits.

I leave the dressing on the side b/c everyone likes a different amt.

Also, I serve with garlic bread on the size.
Beefs up the meal
Between the garlic bread & the caeser dressing, your breath is kickin!

Woops out!

*This post brought to you by.... SJ MOM BLOGGERS*



That's a great idea for a summer dinner. Easy Peasy! Is that how you spell that??? Thanks for the recipe.