Sunday, July 06, 2008

Winding Down the Weekend

I am a brave one.
Posting this pic.
For the love of God, watch out for me...those whale poachers are everywhere!!!!
How was everyone's weekend?
We started off Thursday night by taking Cheeks to see fireworks.
We hung in the mini van til they started then I took him out. He was scared. He kept looking at them & then behind him b/c of the echo.
I put him back in the van for about 5 mins & that seemed to help.
He got back out & enjoyed the fireworks from the safety of mommy's hip.
He did not allow me to put him down
the child had a grand time.
So fireworks...SUCCESS!
The 4th we went to the campground.
Cheeks went swimming with his daddy, played with his cousins, got to ride in a parade, ran around like a raving lunatic.
He fell asleep on the ride home at 7.
Yesterday was an errand day.
Today, I was going to go down to pick the daddy up at the campground but he is coming home later so....
I put on a bathing suit.....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHIELD YOUR EYES!
put Cheeks in his suit.
Hoofed it all 50 feet across the street to the pool where they let me in.....for free!
We had a great time in their splash pool.
We played til Cheekers lips were blue.
He loves going under water....I haven't seen anything like it before.
Totally jumps right under!
Now he is sleeping & I should be making out my grocery lists but it's starting to thunder so I am just hanging.
Happy July!
Woops out!
*I actually have this post spaced out but for some reason it comes out altogether no matter how often I put breaks in it...grrr*



We didn't see any fireworks except a few over the treeline across the street, but we have plans to go see the huge Harborfest Fireworks at the end of the month...

I love watching kids swim, and I am sure you aren't whale-like in your suit, at least not as much as I am in mine, and I actually allowed pictures to be taken... Scary!


Oh for Pete's sake, STOP IT WOMAN! Geesh!

Glad you had a good 4th!



My Ethan also loved the fireworks, glad to see Cheeks enjoyed them as well!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates

Glad you had a fab 4th. We are big swimming pool fans around here too. Have a great week!

Miss Mommy

Took Little Man and Little Miss on Thursday night as well to see the fireworks...(one of these days we are going to run into one another...LOL) and Little Miss was scared at first...then was cracking up at them and saying Ohh and Ahh!! To funny!!

Glad you had a great weekend!!

Awesome Abby

It pisses me off when blogger won't accept my spaces. Happens way too often. GRRRRR! We went to a minor league baseball game in Nashville and saw fireworks. They were pretty OK. Some poor soul bought a car to pay for the entertainment of the 10,000 people that were there watching. (It was sponsored by the local Buick people.) You are beautiful...get some self-confidence, woman!


Oh goodness Meghan!! You are beautiful girl!! I'm glad you had a fun 4th and that Cheekers ended up enjoying the fireworks. Grayson absolutely loved it and didn't cry or pucker up his lips once! I was shocked!! LOL

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco

Don't say that about yourself...I think you look like my friend Anne-Marie and I think she is adorable.



We did fireworks at home here. Glad that Cheeks liked the fireworks.