Monday, July 14, 2008

I Can't Drive 55!

So we have Cheekers motto.
He absolutely loves to go fast & well this here golf cart gets up to, I think, 15 mph. He stands there, holds on to the front & laughs, smiles & points. The faster Daddy goes, the harder he laughs.
Occasionally he will sit on the seat or even get to drive if Daddy's lap will allow it.

We also had our 1st complete sentence from Mr. Cheekers today.
As we were driving down 295 the trucks were coming, all of sudden Cheeks points & yells "Daddy Big Truck!"
Clear as day.
Of course get him to say truck again & well, we could nickname him Mr. Filthy Mouth.

Now, on another note, how is it that Bobster has turned on the Barrett Auto Auction on tv. I am sitting here, on the computer, looking at Bobster SNORING away on the couch.
Keep in mind that if I attempt to change the channel, he will jump up & say "I was watching that! What are you doing???!!!"
It's unbelievable.
He can snore & sleep through me yelling "Come on Bobby, get up!" but change the channel on the tv & he is instantly wide awake! I think I am going to try it tho. Reruns of Friends come on in 10 minutes & they always keep me entertained.

Well, on that note, Woops out!!!


Aunt Patty

Meghan, I look forward to the pictures and all the updates on how you and your family are doing! You're so funny and I love the way you write. I just wanted to let you know your blog is my favorite thing to read! And how cute is Ethan, what a good looking kid!

Keep up with the updates,
Take care,
Aunt Patty


YAY Cheeks!

I understand all about the sleeping and changing channels on the tv. Boomer and Charles is the same way. lol


Of course you gotta love the golf cart! My parents have one at their mountain house and it's the first thing the kids run to when we get there.
Of course they fight over who gets to "drive", but it's all worth it!

Your pics from camping are adorable btw!


Love myself a little Friends. As a matter of fact, I own the complete collection. How bad am I?