Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why can't everyone remind.......

To just say no to Walmart.

I don't care when I go, it's always filled with rude, ignorant people. I mean's bad.

Tonight I had to get diapers & wipes & new sippy cups (which I forgot but did remember to get the new All You magazine...priorities people! PRIORITIES!).

People are just amazingingly loud & just do not care if you are trying to get down the aisle or pick something off the shelf. They just park their cart smack dab in the middle of the aisle & shop the whole length of the aisle making it impossible for you to get around. So you have to ask them to move their cart, in turn prompting them to look at you like you are rude or you have to move their cart for them. Sigh! There are other reasons I am down on Walmart in my area. I have found one that I will visit but it is about 15 mins from my home (that's without traffic) & with the price of gas, I stay close to home. So I will keep going to Target but sadly, Target doesn't carry the sippies that I found work fabu for Cheeks...only Walmart. So I have to schlep back. I will just have to time it right.

Now I told you I would share some inspiring blogs I have found. I am not sure where I found this one....It may have been at Kims blog....Today's Creative Blog...if you haven't been, go check it out! Now!

Anyway the blog I want to share with is Mind Your Manners....2 decorators who posts great ideas on their blog. Their wreath is to die for plus they get personal too. Go check it out.

Do you have any good blogs for inspiration?

Share them with me, k?

Everyone knows I am a blog ho!

Love them.

Woops out!



I absolutely HATE WalMart! I go there like maybe once per quarter and stock up so I don't have to go again.

I'm a Target kinda gal!



If you can handle the stockers stocking shelves. Go at like 10:30. Here it is less busy with rude people. rofl