Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's a Wednesday

Really, does it get much more classy than a kid in a diaper, sucking on a popsicle while toys & shoes are strewn across the dusty floor.
And what are those?
Flip flops with unpainted toes in them.
Obviously, the Nana, didn't get the memo on how to make sure the nails are "poppin" this summer. Nah, I just have to paint them for her. She has diabetities so a pedicure at the local salon is a no no.

I digress.
Still in a funk.
I feel better than I did BUT
I am still feeling not up to par with everyone else.
I don't want to whine.
If I wrote what was bothering me, all my readers (yes, all 2 of you) would be like "Girl, are you nuts? Please" BUT
these are problems to me.
So I will let it be.

Now, the real reason for the post.
I want to say thank you to all the people who are driving trucks & motorcycles who notice when a certain little boy gets so excited by seeing them that he stares & does the "O" face.
Tonight Bobster was walking Cheeks across the street to see the fountain in the lake.
A motorcycle was coming by, so Cheeks took out his bink, went "OOOOOOOOOOH" & pointed.
Bobster stopped & the gentlemen on the motorcycle, saw Cheeks, slowed down & waved.
Last weekend we were walking around the corner when a nice size pick up truck was parked at the light.
Cheeks pointed & I had to lift him & take him closer to the curb to get a better look. The gentlemen in the car saw him, smiled & kept waving to him as Cheeks went "OOOOOOOH".
So thank you people for taking the 2 seconds out your day to make a little boy happy by letting him get excited over your vehicle.
It makes my day to know some people are really sweet.
Others not so much but this is an uplifting post so I will not say a thing about the bitch I had on the phone today. Not a word.

BTW, check out my post about the winners to see if you won the cream & then email me!!!

Woops out!



It is much fun to see a little boy get excited over little things! Glad that some people stop and take the time to see it through his eyes.


How nice of those strangers. Not often to you find people who take the time our for the little ones.

My little boy LOVES motorcycles...only they cannot be in real life...only on tv or the internet! He LOVES to see them on the rode, but only if we are in the car.

If one stopped in front of him he would most definitely run the other way screaming!


**giggling** I can totally relate Meghan!! Grayson is doing the same thing and it is so nice when people wave back to him. There really are people with kind hearts out there! Cheekers is such a little doll!