Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Little Trip to Lowes

So this past weekend, I manned up & took the middle boy to Lowes for their free workshop for kids 1st - 5th grade. Middle boy is going into 4th grade so he is the perfect age.

This weeks project was to make a Tetherball.
Here he is getting the base on.
Still banging the base on.
I think he is tying the string onto the pole in this shot. Looks intent doesn't he???
Tapping it all in.
Finally, the finished project.
All in all, he had a good time & even asked to make a second one. The lady let him b/c there really wasn't anyone else there. I told Chris maybe we could do one that was easier in the future & he actually said he wanted to do one that was more challenging!

He is a smart cookie that kid!!!!!
So I will see what ones are coming up & sign him up.
He also got a certificate & a patch. The cert would be cute for a younger kid but the patch was cool.

So, if you have kids, check out Lowes or Home Depot for these fabu workshops. They are fun, not a ton of time & free.
Ya know what they say...if it's free, it's for me.
That's my motto. Hee hee.

Woops out!



Glad that he had fun doing something and that you guys got to spend time together.


That seems like a good motto. I like Free. Only thing is, I haven't rec'd any of my free schtuff yet. :(


Miss Mommy

I have head about those free workshops...do they have them for younger kids (Age 5) or only the older ones??

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

Awesome Abby

I was listening to Sister Hazel just now as my iPod is on shuffle, and I thought of you! :) Mu-wah!


I was going to ask the same question as Miss Mommy.....do they have any for the younger kids?

I, too, love FREE!